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Create beautiful

websites without any code with Tilda

450+ pre-designed blocks are ready for your web projects


How to make thousands of people happy?

We have come up with a new way of creating websites, where the process is similar to a game. Now everyone is a designer if they have passion for their business. It doesn’t matter what — a website, online store, landing page or blog — make it quickly and easily with Tilda.


Intuitive Website Builder

Build your page from a wide range of pre-designed blocks.

A contemporary look and high flexibility make them handy and applicable for any kind of content. All you need is great content and a good eye.

Blocks Library

Widescreen covers, gorgeous typography, photo gallery, background video, forms and more...

You don't have to be a designer. We have created more than 450 blocks. Each of them is harmonious, and at the same time has settings that allow you to create a website with individual design.


Born Adaptive

There's no need to do twice the work optimizing pages for tablets and smartphones.

Pages created with Tilda look great across all devices. We've thought it through so you can think about your content instead of technical issues.

Create your own Blocks

Start from scratch and create new blocks with unique design and adaptability.

Zero Block - graphic editor for professional designers, which allows complete editing of all elements of the website.


Tilda in action. Building a website is easy. All you need is quality content and a good eye.

Tilda Design Features

Focus on Typography

Every block is perfectly balanced to make the reading an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to content delivery, you want it to be as effective as possible. We've created a wide range of visual blocks to suit any kind of content, which allows you to present things exactly as they should be - stylish and easily accessible. We've taken care of all typographic elements: line length, spacing and font sizes. We love typography and we know exactly how to rock it.

Visual Content

Creating a beautiful website depends largely on photos and videos. We have come up with a way to show them effectively.

We have developed a collection of blocks for the delivery of visual content. Full-screen covers and video covers, galleries, photo-combinations and video sequences all make your opportunities much wider. You can design the user experience, including all media formats.

Website builder Tilda Publishing

Landing Pages

Create landing pages and measure their effectiveness.

We have developed a number of blocks for creating landing pages, including - feedback, call-to-action, features and much more. We are especially proud of the convenient lead capture forms, which are integrated with twelve services, suitable for creating a Landing Page.

Online Store

Create small stores, internet boutiques, sell goods or services.

Take ready-to-use templates or special blocks for e-commerce. Choose your way of taking payments, by card, via PayPal or Stripe, publish your website and your store is ready in no time at all. Order information will come to your email, Google Drive or CRM. Sell beautifully!


You are in a good company!


I've built and/or managed hundreds of different websites in my career with what seems like just as many different tools, platforms, and content management systems. Within 10 minutes of using Tilda, I knew it was the best builder and editor I had ever used. I'm building almost all my new websites, landing pages, and micro-sites on Tilda. The speed with which you can launch a new site and then edit said the site for your stakeholders is incredible and everything about the interface is intuitive.

Mitchell Cuevas

Product, Techstars

Just create your own website

and we take care of everything else


Tracking Trends in Design

No Support Needed

Search Engine Friendly

We track design trends so websites created on Tilda look current.

You won't need to learn how to code. You won't even need a programmer friend. All settings and controls you need are right at your fingertips.

Whenever your project is shared on social network or shown in search results, the preview will look its best.


Custom Fonts

Google Analytics

High Speed of Website Loading

Connect your TypeKit account, choose a typeface from Google Fonts, or upload your own custom ones.

Also, you can connect a Google Analytics account to monitor your Tilda project traffic.

All images are hosted with a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that reduce load times by using geographically distributed servers.


Do email marketing, get feedback, assign client relationship management (CRM)

systems and extend your website's functionality using popular systems that are integrated with Tilda.


Payment Systems

Get payments for workshops and webinars, sell goods in small online stores. Assign one of the services and take payments by cards, via PayPal or Stripe.

The Best SEO

Your website will be found easily. You or your SEO specialists will find all the tools they need for search optimization: H1 and alt tags, titles, descriptions and keywords, "clean" URL, files robots and sitemap and more.


Website Publishing

Websites made on Tilda can be published on our server,
or exported to yours.

Your Domain

Hosting is not needed

Export and API

You can just assign your own domain to the project and we will host it on our server.

With Tilda, you don't need to pay for hosting. Simply add a link to our IP on your domain provider's website, and visitors will then find you at your unique address. Learn more

Your site is stored in the cloud. It enjoys a high load speed and is protected from DDoS attacks

The high load speed is provided by a content delivery network (CDN). An SSL certificate (needed to help configure HTTPS) can be enabled inside your personal account.

A site can be easily exported to another server or integrated with a finished site through a web API

This option is suitable for high traffic websites and for site owners who prefer to have full control over their webpage. Learn more


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