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I've built and/or managed hundreds of different websites in my career with what seems like just as many different tools, platforms, and content management systems. Within 10 minutes of using Tilda, I knew it was the best builder and editor I had ever used. I'm building almost all my new web sites, landing pages, and micro-sites on Tilda. The speed with which you can launch a new site and then edit said site for your stakeholders is incredible and everything about the interface is intuitive.

Mitchell Cuevas

Product, Techstars

1. What is the difference between a Personal and Business plan?
A Business plan includes everything a Personal plan includes but in addition, it allows you to create up to 5 websites in one account (you can only create 1 website with a Personal plan)

and export code feature.

2. Is it possible to assign my domain to a website that was created on Tilda?

Yes. You can assign your domain. To learn how to do this, please read this guide.

3. What does the "export source code" feature in the Business plan mean?
Your website will be exported to a static html with all necessary files (images, css, js). The website will be stored in an archive, and you'll get a link to download this. Just unzip the files and copy it to your server. You'll get a website that will be hosted on your server and will not

be dependent on Tilda at all. To learn how to do this, please read this guide.

4. What happens if I don't renew my subscription?
The website will be unpublished. The data will be stored on Tilda for 6 months. You can renew the subscription and continue to make changes to your project anytime. If you do not renew your subscription after this period, the data will be deleted.

5. What distinguishes a website from a page?
A website may consist of multiple pages (a portfolio, magazine, blog etc) or a single page (landing page, longform etc). The difference is in the settings: the style (fonts, colors) is assigned to the site. Also the domain is assigned to the website.

So if you make a few landing pages or online articles (longreads) created in the same style (fonts, colors etc) and host them on the same domain, then you will need a single website. If you want to make several independent pages with different styles assigned to different domains (for example, landing pages for different clients), you will need multiple websites.

6. Are websites built on Tilda be indexed by search engines effectively?
Websites built on Tilda are well indexed by search engines by default due to the features of the platform: the pages consist of sequential blocks. In addition, you can improve the search

results with special settings. Read more about this in our Help Center.

7. What is White Label?
If you purchase a Personal or Business Plan for a year, you have an option in site settings to remove "made on Tilda", that is placed on all pages by default.